India Vision 2020 Sansthan

INDIA VISION 2020 SANSTHAN is a non profit , non political NGO registered, under society registration act, 1958 (RAJASTHAN) at jodhpur. Established I year of 2004 , it committed to the promotion of sustainable development initiatives with the goal of developed India. to achieve this dream beside our direct field workers we also provide support and partnership to other like mined people and rural volunteers. the basic aim to see that no humans being is deprived of his basic needs because of poverty and the organization also sees to support and nurture the talents which cannot await of proper facilities because of poverty the poor work hard and struggle to break the cycle of poverty that can span for generation. By building partnership , engaging local leaders and leveraging available resources, we develop integrated solutions to the underlying problems of poverty.

our volunteers educate and mentor children from orphanages , slum and village community centres across the country to give them a better future, which will benefit the as well as our country.the learning experience is mutual – our volunteers gain perspective and the experience to mould themselves into tomorrow's leaders.

Our History

Where all the other organization start with big resolutions , declarations , press conference , prime offices , costly furniture's etc. we started with the prayer to achieve the dream of a society based on equality and justice. this holy effort started on june 25 2004 with just 15 volunteers.

In the dawn of 21st century India is well prepared to be the world leaders. Our Honorable President his Excellency Dr. A. P. J. KALAM shared his dream with one billion Indians especially with youngsters. for all this Dr. KALAM set a dead line of 2020.

we execute development programmed as well as major thrust on advocacy for child rights, women and dalit empowerment , good governance and transparency to make the society free from injustice, poverty , corruption and hunger. we pay special attention for the capacity building and awareness of those in vulnerable situation such as unorganized artisans , labors, people living with chronic poverty , HIV/AIDS or Disabilities , children's , who are out of school , slum – dwellers living in very inhuman and unhygienic conditions and people whose land or natural resources(basic of livelihood) is under threat.

Our Mission

our mission at India Vision 2020 Sansthan is to give voice to the voiceless section of the society , to enable them to redefine their rights and fair opportunity to participate in development process.

Target group

visualizing our vision of a developed India not only in terms of GDP and development of metro cities, we strives to make an equitable and just society , we decided to forward our interventions to marginalized and disadvantaged section of the society who have been deprived of their rights and basic amenities of life.

thus we, identified women , children, depressed classes, poor farmers, and landless labors as our target groups. Rational of selecting women as targeted groups , is prevalence of dominant patriarchy in this region , which is responsible for the abysmal status of women in the region.

they play subservient role in social fabrics and are relegated from any decision making process. Gender equality , early marriages, emphasis to produce male child leading to repetitive births are major cause of poor health status of women.

Our Values

INDIA VISION 2020 SANSTHAN recognizes value as basis of an organization. we are determined to promote ourselves as a valued organization , established to address the social cause and are committed for overall development of all the sections of the society.organization identifies democracy , transparency and decentralization as its risen values and it has grown itself on these universal principal.