S.NO Particulars/Details Estimated Cost Download
1 Supply of 50 wooden tool kit set as approved by the NCDPD/DC(H) 5,00,000.00
2 Supply of 50 metal tool kit set as approved by the NCDPD/DC(H) 5,00,000.00
3 Organizing two “Craft Demonstration Programme” for 7 days 4,30,000.00(per event)
4 Organizing two “Exhibition” for 10 days 3,85,000.00(per event)
5 Organizing two “Craft Awareness Programme” for 2 days 2,00,000.00(per event)
6 For Development of website, E-brochure, Brand Building & promotion logo development,
Tagging/Bar coding, Packaging catalogue etc for Brand promotion of cluster for one year.
7 Organizing two workshop/seminar 4,16,300.00(per event)

Above all event’s arrangements will be done as per schedule prepared separately as per the guidelines of the individual sanction order. Last date for bidding 10-Aug-2021 5:00 p.m. All detail/information can be fetch from the office or website.

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